Jay captures mayoral seat, DiTullio claims victory in District I


Councilwoman Joyce Jay will become Wheat Ridge's next mayor over Councilman Mike Stites based on unofficial results Wednesday morning.

Jay got 4,488 votes to 3,846, about 53 percent to 46 percent.

While watching results Tuesday evening, Jay said, "I appreciate so many voters putting the votes in my corner. There are so many wonderful possibilities for the city. We can keep our city going in the wonderful growth. I am feeling pretty confident."

She said the vote confirms her pro views on 38th Avenue, where parking and lanes have been reconfigured intended to stimulate business. She said many businesses are finding great success.

"It seems to me that although there are people who have found it an inconvenience to them ... most people realize it is good for the city, and it is bringing our city shoulder to shoulder with our surrounding cities," Jay said.

Jay of District 2 has served on council since 2009 and is a 25-year resident of the city. Shes serves on the Denver Regional Council of Governments and Wheat Ridge Business Association. Opponent Stites of District 3 has served on council since 2003 and has had a family business in Wheat Ridge for over 60 years.

Election Day results also indicated a win for Tim Fitzgerald in District III over Dick Matthews. The vote was 1,409 to 938.

"I'm very heartened with the results, and I think the lesson from the results is that the people of Wheat Ridge want change," Fitzgerald said. "They want the city to grow and expand."

The win will lead to his first experience in elected office.

"I am the absolute freshman class, but I have run my own business and I grew up in Wheat Ridge.," he added.

In the District 1 four-way race Jerry DiTullio, term-limited mayor, posted a lead with about 31 percent, 672 votes. Councilman Davis Reinhart had 620 votes or about 29 percent, followed by Monica Duran with 576 votes, about 27 percent and Karen Thaler with 286 votes at about 13 percent.

DiTullio said he will be honored to serve another four years on council and said voters recognized his 18 years of experience and knowledge.

"I think it is even a sweeter victory by winning over the people who tried to torpedo my election. I think they owe an apology to me and the citizens," he added.

In the remaining two races, Genevieve Wooden posted 737 to 641 win over Joseph Demott in District IV, and Zachary Urban commanded a 1,101 to 899 vote win over Chad Harr.