Letter to the editor

`Our View' not my view


Last week's editorial, "Time for major immigration reform," suggests that those who have come here illegally deserve amnesty via the S. 744 bill. And Amnesty is what the Gang of Eight and bill S.744 is really all about. No one should be deceived about what "comprehensive immigration reform" means, other than giving amnesty to an estimated 12 million illegal aliens.

How is it that the United States government should serve as the world's largest employment agency providing "needed" workers to businesses that no longer feel the need to fairly compensate American workers? Why is it OK to create a permanent underclass of low-skilled workers at low wages who ultimately require additional public assistance to get by?

And why should anyone believe that immigration laws will be enforced and our borders be secured? S. 744 is exactly the same "comprehensive immigration reform" package the American public was sold in 1986. Now 27 years later, the Gang of Eight is pushing to legalize at least four times the number of people who received amnesty under the 1986 bill.

Adding tens of millions of low-skilled and heavily government-dependent immigrants to the country increases competition for scarce jobs, reduces wages, and increases the burden of welfare. Our immigration system isn't "broken." America is a land of laws, and anyone who wants to become a citizen is welcome to do so. But do it through legal means.

Ken Hurd