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Embrace your freedom

Freedom. What is it? What makes it uniquely American?

Three things are very important to me — America, the American flag and freedom. One cannot think of one without the others.

My grandparents were immigrants from Mexico. Because of their sacrifices for freedom, and to escape inherent inequality, they worked hard and passed on to my mother the importance of embracing her culture,while accepting new traditions in a country with such an abundance of differences. I was immersed in a culture of love, affection and a great pride for my Hispanic heritage, along with an appreciation for a world different from my own.

Freedom is not worth having if it does not allow us the freedom to make mistakes. Freedom allows us the right to accept challenges so we can improve ourselves.

The flag is not only the symbol of America, but reminds me of my priceless heritage, life, liberty and the right to pursue happiness, where one may freely worship, think, write, speak and love who you choose.

You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless they have freedom. One of the best ways to embrace freedom is to get involved in your community. Find your passion and volunteer. Children learn by example, as parents if we show them tolerance they will live it, if we show them compassion they will give it. If you show them the value of freedom they will share it.

Monica Duran

Wheat Ridge


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