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Letter: The limitations of U.S. might


If indeed 'Might can make right' as claimed in an Aug. 3 letter, would not 1940's Germany and Japan have been the most righteous nations on earth?

How has the so-called 'strength' exerted by the US over the past 30 years, all in the name of peace, improved the lot of those battered civilians of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Serbia, Syria, and already wretched Yemen, who have seen their nations wrecked by American aggressive actions?

Weren't 4 million collateral civilian deaths in the Greater Middle East between 1991 and 2015 (according to Middle East Eye) enough to provide 'liberty and justice for all'  of the earth's inhabitants?

So how can the commissioning of an obsolescent 100,000-ton floating chunk of metal (aka the USS Ford) costing billions over budget address any of the land wars in which the U.S. is (or soon will be) voluntarily enmeshed, or the debt burden of our children?

As China, for example, can now destroy any ship within 1500 miles of its coast using land based missiles, how many of those gullibles cheering the Ford, realize that no sane commander would commit an asset to battle, which he could not afford to lose?

In an actual Pacific war, is not the Ford already inferior to our 'unsinkable aircraft carrier' the Island of Guam?

Would not the Ford be better renamed: 'The USS Edsel'?

Russ Haas,



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