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Letter: Wait on the repeal


I understand that Republican lawmakers are eager, and in a hurry to repeal the ACA, but I am concerned that their haste to accomplish their goals may do more harm than good. It may leave a lot of people uninsured who really need the coverage.

I find it difficult to believe that in the eight years they have been fighting to repeal the ACA, none of those opposed ever thought to come up with a decent replacement, and a way to smooth transition to a replacement more favorable to them, but that seems to be the case.

Most feel it would better to modify rather than repeal the ACA, but if repeal is unavoidable, can we at least expect lawmakers to have the foresight, and the sympathy to prepare a decent, favorable replacement instead of something thrown together in just a few weeks? The present replacement plan just doesn't cut it for most Americans, especially for the poor and the elderly, and I'm afraid it will be a disaster for all but the most wealthy, and a disaster for those who need healthcare the most.

Stan Dyer,


Editor's Note: On Friday, March 24, House Republicans and the Trump administration announced that they were tabling efforts to pass a replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act indefinitely.


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