Letter to the editor: Protecting voting rights

For years I’ve seen the wealthy Republican elite, lacking a message that will resonate with average Americans, have been seeking ways outside of accepted democratic norms to maintain their power, privilege, and position. They have developed many tools to accomplish this, and voter suppression is one of the most potent in their toolbox. Credit goes to Secretary of State Jena Griswold for seeing this threat to our democracy and fighting to expand voter access to the democratic process.
Sec. Griswold helped pass the Colorado Votes Act. This act adds polling stations and ballot drop-boxes across the state, expands voting hours, and allows 17-year-olds to vote in primaries if they will be 18 on election day. She also assisted with legislation to allow parolees to vote. To combat Republican disinformation tactics, she created a new .gov web address for Colorado’s election resources (GoVoteColorado.gov), giving voters a trusted and secure source of information. She is also pursuing alternate ways for young voters to register, given the limits of voter registration linked to driver’s licenses at a time when fewer people get licenses.  
As we enter the 2020 election cycle, it is important to remember the right of every American to vote for their leaders. We are a nation founded on the principle of government by the consent of the governed. That is the American way. Thank you, Sec. Griswold, for your fight to protect the rights of all of us to choose our leaders.
Anthony Stitt,


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