class of 2018

Jefferson County graduates: What have you learned that you will carry with you for the rest of your life?

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Posted 5/14/18

I have learned the positive impact that one kind action can have. It is incredibly easy to be kind to someone and make them feel welcome and included. I will carry this with me into my future career …

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class of 2018

Jefferson County graduates: What have you learned that you will carry with you for the rest of your life?


I have learned the positive impact that one kind action can have. It is incredibly easy to be kind to someone and make them feel welcome and included. I will carry this with me into my future career as a special education teacher.

— Caitlin Johnson, Golden High School

It's okay to ask for help. Being part of the Latino culture there's a stigma around sharing struggles. I've been taught to not share and sharing and opening up is always more beneficial than not.

— Daniel Alanis, Bear Creek High School

To cherish and empower my own voice, and the voices of others. I've discovered that through doing so, one can better understand and articulate their own truths while simultaneously learning from others. It's important to be self-aware of your own potential while also recognizing the innate value in others.

— Logan Klutse, Lakewood High School

A good team is more than the sum of the individuals. A good team is built bonding over the long nights editing term papers on three hours of sleep and six cups of coffee. A good team is created by sharing the physics study guide on the class page. And most importantly a good team is forged in the basketball stands when we beat our biggest rivals. Our grade was truly an amazing team and it was this team spirit that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

— Lauren Hastert, D'Evelyn High School

The greatest thing I have learned is that the attitude you have towards situations makes all of the difference. By staying positive, you can make a situation so much easier. Last summer my father was diagnosed with Leukemia. Throughout multiple rounds of chemo and two transplants, he still remains positive and I have seen how that has impacted him and our family. By looking ahead and seeing all of the good sides of a seemingly bad situation, one doesn't dwell, but rather thrives in the moment.

— Madyson Moran, Ralston Valley

To not be scared of being involved. To push through and persevere my fears. Critical thought and rationalization. To scrutinize choices before I make a poor one. … Through the rest of my life I believe that the assimilation of my experiences in and out of the classroom will be the foundation to lift me, and tools to fix things. I believe the tools I have will be useful for anything I do in my future.

— Isaac Judovsky, Arvada West

Life has taught me quite a few things over the past eighteen years. When talking to most other kids my age they'll say the normal teenage struggles such as friends, school, etc. For me my struggles have been a little bit tougher.

Since I have been through some major life events such as my father passing away I have learned something that will follow me for the rest of my life. No matter who you are or where you've been it's important to move forward and push yourself to be the best you. Holding yourself back because you've had a couple of bumpy rides isn't what you should be doing. I've taken those struggles and turned them into motivation.

There are plenty of kids who have been through the same things as me, but many of them are unable to continue forward, they get stuck in a never-ending loop. Wherever I end up in life I will carry the knowledge and lesson that life is about taking the negatives and using them to better your life and those around you.

— Devyn Schneider Green Mountain High School

I want to fearlessly chase my dreams, passionately love everyone I come in contact with, and fully embrace every opportunity to live free and alive in that very moment. The greatest lesson I have learned is the meaning to all of this, to live free and alive with the love of the one true God flowing through me.

— Selena Parks, Faith Christian

I think one of the life lessons I've gotten from high school is that anyone can be a part of something great. On our soccer team we have kids who are predominate Spanish speakers and a player from Africa, So we don't all speak the same language, but we've all come together to do something. So, no matter where you come from we all have potential and we all have greatness.

— Maxwell Pettit, Arvada High

For the rest of my life I will be forever grateful that music has changed my life. Music is an escape for so many people including myself. It's such a powerful art that gives kids an outlet to create something bigger than just ourselves. The performing arts program at Arvada West is something special in my heart. From high school I will take all of the passion music has given me.

— Cassie Falbo, Arvada West

I had come to Faith without knowing anything about Christianity or God and I leave now with a strong relationship with Him. I am incredibly grateful for this, because my relationship with Christ will continue for the rest of my life. As a result of my Christian education, I hold myself to a higher standard of morality and work ethic. I feel that my foundation in a Christian school has produced a strong sense of integrity that will continue with me into college and the workforce. The combination of a strong education and a higher code of morality will set me apart from my peers and I look forward to practicing everything I have learned at Faith in the future.

— Mikayla Martin, Faith Christian

Make sure to get your work done and work hard.

— Joanna Sherrill, Bear Creek High School

Work with it.

The hardest situations you deal with are the ones that teach you the most.

Unfortunately, I did not get to play volleyball this year. When it first set in that I was not going to play, I was miserable. As I was sitting on the bench, I noticed things that were happening on the court that I never noticed when I was playing. I could still help my team and learn more about volleyball. This did not make my situation perfect, but it felt good knowing that I was still helping my team out.

— Sarah Wheatley, Lakewood High School

How to put in effort. There were many times when frustration would get in the way and motivation waned, but when I stopped and considered that most of my college opportunities would depend on my academic performance, I continued to work and put effort forth in all of my classes. Because of this, I am able to go out of state for college which has been a dream of mine since college first became a part of my life plan.

— Reagan Robinson, Arvada West

Stick with what you know. I'm finding that in academics and life that you can't predict what the future holds. So I've learned to stick with that I know first and if I do that I will figure out the rest on the way.

— Kaitlin Reed, Arvada High

Academic information of course, but mostly, it's not bad to ask for help or to rely on other people because we, as humans, need the support of others and our community in order to keep progressing and keep thriving.

— Reina Trujillo-Stryzak, Bear Creek High School

Something I have learned through my high school experience that I will always carry with me is the importance of being positive and doing your best. I have learned how important this is because even when things don't go your way, it is important to leave the situation knowing you did all you could do and you gave it all you had. I will continue to do my best in everything that comes at me and always keep a positive outlook.

— Emilee Cawlfield, Ralston Valley

I learned a lot about myself. The different classes I took helped me find a direction for where I want to go.

— M'shia Good, Bear Creek High School

I've learned that the friends you make are very important and to surround yourself with people you.

— Tanner Vaughn, Arvada High

Communication skills and learning how to handle and deal with difficult situations.

— Jack Harless, Bear Creek High

I will always carry with me the lesson that while instant success may reward you, perseverance through failure is the only way to true success. No matter how hard life will ever hit you, there are always better days ahead of you.

— Cameron Reiber, Ralston Valley


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